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Let's create and win badges?

SAPO Campus is now a platform that supports the Mozilla OpenBadges initiative. Badges, for those who are not familiar with them, are a way to recognize and highlight people and content in digital platforms.




In SAPO Campus, badges can be used in a variety ways - to identify a person’s profile, to highlight the people that have participated in an activity organized by the institution, to acknowledge the best work in a class’s scientific field or even the teacher that won the institutional karaoke competition :)




At its core, the only limit for the usage of badges is the imagination of the members of the community! They can have social, educational, cultural, or even humoristic traits, to list just some of the possibilities!

Your organization is the one deciding which badges are available, the guidelines you need to follow to attain them and the users that are awarded with them, but everyone can help in that decision by suggesting and supporting badge attributions to people who really deserve them.

It’s also important to mention that inside a group, the [group’s] manager has at his disposal the same tools to create his own badges, to decide the rules of their attainment and to award them to the people he considers deserving.




It’s about time to start! Check out the badges from your institution and go earn them! Support badge attributions to the people that actually deserve them! And if you have ideas about creating your own badges, just start a group, invite your friends, and have fun giving them around!

If you don’t find the images you need to build the badges you want, post a comment here with your suggestions! We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


And now, to give you a kickstart... how about trying to earn this badge? 




Good luck!


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