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PLE ProVocations

Small provocations to PLE pros, activists and amateurs

PLEs: Science of Fad?

I’m surprised to notice that, four days after the call for questions for the 1st Keynote of the PLE Conference, only 4 questions have been submitted!

This suggests another question: are PLEs a serious research topic, or are they just a fad? Are people carrying out serious research on PLEs, writing thesis and publishing papers in highly regarded journals? Or is the fuss we witness worldwide a temporary fashion, a pretext for sketching naive diagrams, posting platitudes on blogs, and tweeting … tweeting a lot, without any consequence?

I’m inclined to believe that PLEs are a serious research topic, but in the absence of tangible evidence my belief is fading away…

There is no science where there are no problems! If there are no questions to be asked and no problems to be formulated and solved, nobody will ever be able to produce any knowledge or practice.

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