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Questions List (Keynote Day 1)

Here is the list of questions submitted so far:

QUESTION 01. Learning is usually seen as an effort to accumulate knowledge with no immediate concern about application: much of what we learn is learned “just-in-case”. In many instances, however, we can only solve problems if we learn in context, “just-in-time”. PLEs are OK for “just-in-case” learning, but how good can they be for “just-in-time” learning? Suggestions? Proposed strategies? (Antonio Figueiredo)

QUESTION 02. PLEs: Do we say Personal Learning ‘Environments’ but we mean Personal Learning ‘Ecologies’? The term ‘Environment’ seems to rely on the static characteristics of a setting at a certain point in time, and to privilege new generations of technologies and related practices. On the contrary, ‘Ecologies’ recalls the dynamics of evolving settings in their making, and diversity of actors and conditions at work in building resilient and/or innovative learning contexts and behaviours. In other words, the term ‘Ecologies’ allows to encompass both old and emergent tools, and the interplay of contextual factors over time. It also helps to consider any hybrid and non digitally-mediated practices. (Antonella Esposito)

QUESTION 03. Is a PLE a "discipline" as mindfulness or yoga. That is, is a PLE something you DO, or something you HAVE? (George Roberts)

QUESTION 04. I do not know if I can put into words what I'd like to know: To what extent is my PLE influenced by the Collective (P)LE ? Does my question make sense to you? (Maria João Spilker).


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